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Are Dems, allies suddenly tea party fans?

We're in the final stretch now, and campaigns are pushing every advantage they can get. It even seems that in some races, Democrats and their allies have suddenly become fans of the Tea Party.

Take the 2nd Congressional District up in North Florida. Longtime Democratic incumbent Allen Boyd is taking on Republican Steve Southerland. But some voters got this mailer (here and here) claiming Southerland is insufficiently against Obamacare and also -- gasp! -- once donated to Boyd. On the reverse, it notes that Tea Party candidate Paul McKain would rip Obamacare in half and never donated to Boyd. Who paid for the mailer? The Florida Democratic Party.

And in the statewide Agriculture Commissioner race, the "Less Government Now" political committee (which earlier sent out mailers against John Thrasher in his state Senate race) is apparently running robocalls in support of Tea Party candidate Ira Chester. Chester is a longtime government employee up in Tallahassee and has donated $900 over the years to Scott Maddox, the Democrat in the race against Republican Adam Putnam. The big funders behind Less Government Now? The Florida Education Association.