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Are undecided voters going to Google?

On the eve of the Election, Florida voters are doing their homework -- at least they're doing their searches.

Google reports an uptick in searches for election-related information, as well as increased views of political videos on YouTube. Here are some interesting factoids:

  • Searches for gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink have hit their highest point since the August 24 primary. Searches for Rick Scott are at their second-highest point of the yera since the primary. (Source)
  • In Florida’s Senate race, searches for Marco Rubio are at their highest point of the year. Searches for Charlie Crist and Kendrick Meek are at their second-highest points of the year. (Source)
  • In October, searches for information about immigration peaked on Oct. 26, but searches for information about health care started falling the previous day. (Source)
  • This month, Miami-area searches for “tea party” peaked on Oct. 21. (Source)
  • The most-viewed YouTube video in the U.S. Senate race is Marco Rubio’s A Generational Choice.
  • The most-viewed YouTube video in Florida’s gubernatorial race is Rick Scott’s Obama’s Mosque.



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The main point is that a criminal is going to buy this election. This criminal is dumb, incompetent, ignorant and yet is in bed with the top Republicans in the state who kiss his feet. Terrible people are taking away our freedom. We do not have a free election today. It is a shame. It is unlawful. It is a laughing stock for the world to see.

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