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Blue Tuesday for Allen Boyd and the Blue Dogs

From the Herald's Washington bureau: "Rep. Jim Marshall, a fiscally conservative Democrat from Macon, Ga., voted against his party's massive health care overhaul, vowed to help repeal it and refused to endorse President Barack Obama during the 2008 elections.

"Still, like just about half of the nearly 50 fellow moderate to conservative Blue Dog Democrats in the House of Representatives, Marshall was a casualty of Tuesday's midterm elections. The Blue Dogs' broad losses in largely rural and conservative-leaning Southern districts broaden an ideological divide that may further stymie compromise in the wake of the Republican sweep of House seats."

One of the casualties was North Florida Democrat Allen Boyd, who said on his FaceBook page that "This didn't turn out like we wanted, but the people have spoken and we now turn to the next challenge. I have spent 22 years in elected public service and it has been an unbelievably positive experience. My service will not end here. I will continue to find ways to make my community a better place to live and I know that you will, too."


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Joseph Morton

Good riddance to these Blue Dogs, better known as low down dirty dogs.

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