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Conflict is inevitable, and brewing, between Scott and legislature, despite party dominance

When voters swept Republican Rick Scott into office and gave Republicans the kind of party dominance no governor has seen since Gov. Bob Graham was elected 32 years ago, the new governor-elect declared it the ``end of politics as usual in Tallahassee.''

But if history is any indication, absolute numbers won't translate to absolute agreement. Conflict is already brewing between Scott's campaign promises on budget cuts, immigration, abortion and what leaders of the Republican-controlled House and Senate are willing to do. 

``One of the hallmarks of Graham's first four years was his difficulty with the Legislature,'' said Jill Chamberlin, Graham's former press secretary. ``It really is going to depend on how firmly Scott wants to stick to his guns because there will be times when the Legislature is going to disagree with him.''

Scott's agenda will get attention from the more conservative Legislature but, a predictable aftermath of one-party control, it may not happen exactly as Scott's promised. More here.


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Scott won by 61 thousand votes. That is hardly a sweep.


Duhhhh....with the exception of JEB, there's ALWAYS been conflict between the Gov and the Legislature, especially the Senate. Think Askew-Barron, Graham and everyone, Martinez and the Dems, Chiles and everyone, Crist and everyone etc. It's called "Separation of Powers" and is a key element in "checks and balances," concepts they obviously fail to teach in journalism school. There's about as much news and wisdom here as "bubblegum sticks to the bottom of a chair..."

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