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Congressional Black Caucus said to be ready to welcome Allen West

The Congressional Black Caucus is said to be ready to allow the black Broward Republican to join the all-Dem group.

"The all-Democratic caucus had wavered over the issue since Tim Scott of South Carolina and Allen West of Florida were elected last week," the AP notes. "Chairwoman Barbara Lee had pointed to the group's liberal mission statement as a potential point of conflict.

"But in a statement Tuesday, the group said the two would be welcomed if they request membership. West has said he wants to join to bring a new perspective to the group. Scott hasn't decided."

In an interview with Fox Business News, West said he "has all the qualifications to join. I am a black American and a member of Congress..." West -- the first black Republican member of Congress from Florida since Reconstruction -- noted that caucus members Alcee Hastings and Georgia Rep. John Lewis had campaigned against him, but that he's "willing to put that aside.

"I'm not a petty or petulant person," West said. "I think that we need to have that discourse and we need to have that intellectual debate within the Congressional Black Caucus..."


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Not Petty or petulant, Oh PLEEEEEEASE.
It ought to be interesting to see an African American on the CBC whose primary goal is advocating for Rich White Men and lambasting those who continually seek to advocate for minorities and the Poor.

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