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Crist: 'It's a new day in Tallahassee'

That's how Charlie Crist this morning opened one of his final press conferences as governor.  Here were some of the topics he was asked about:

• On Gov.-elect Rick Scott (the two are scheduled to meet today about transition): "I think he's very earnest. I think that he certainly wants to hit the ground running. Like Gov. Bush, he hasn't held office prior to coming in as governor. And, you know, Gov. Bush did pretty darn well. So I'm hopeful for Gov.-elect Scott as well."

• On the veto-overrides the Legislature is considering next week: "I don't think they're terribly problematic. I think the governor-elect might have issue with one of them though. If I remember right, it attempts to take some authority from the executive branch and put it in the hands of the Legislature."

• On advice he would give Scott: "Just, you know, work hard, which I'm sure he will. do the best you can and enjoy the job. it's a great gig."

• If he regrets not running for re-election: "It was time to move on. I'm happy with having made that decision. And now i am moving on in a different sense, not to Washington. But I look forward to the future, I really do. ... I'm only 54. And i look forward to it. So I'll see you around.