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Election 2010 post-mortem: the biggest losers (and winners)

Index It's a post-election tradition, as ingrained as hangovers, exhaustion and grudges: the roll call of Winners and Losers. Column here.


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Saint Petersblog

Tampa Bay's political Winners & Losers (post-election)


Joseph Morton

Another dirty Cuban reactionary going to Congress to add to the intellectual and moral rot these dirty Cuban gusanos have brought to the U.S. Rubio is one of the worst human beings in the world. He and his parents were nothing but welfare cheaters, wards of the state, dirty filthy human beings who live off charity, welfare and the backs of U.S. citizens. Now he wants to extend welfare benefits to other Cuban gusanos while denying entrance to real Americans from Mexico and Central America. We need to send these dirty Cubans back to Cuba and to give their ill gotten property to Mexicans.

harry houdini

Wow! Joe where does your REAL anger come from? Did you smoke a bad cigar?

Denny Wood

The biggest losers were women in the media and the women they deprived by not reporting the anti-women behavior of Rubio.

They helped keep the Rubio anti-women secret.

This was the two year as Speaker of the House Rubio behavior to keep the Federal Equal Rights Amendment resolution kept off the floor for a vote.

Rubio had helpers like Rivera, who also escaped being exposed for his working with Rubio to keep this resolution buried for 7 consecutive years by Republican House "leaders". These disgusting boys got away with it. And are now off to Washington where they can do little harm.

Newspapers let them off. Women, who call their selves journalists let them off. Where does the almighty buck really stop? ---Denny Wood

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