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Florida Dems have a suggestion for new West COS

An e-mail from the Florida Democratic Party asks "Will Allen West hire a member of the Outlaws Gang as his new Chief Of Staff?

We know Allen West likes to pal around with criminals," party spokesman Eric Jotkoff wrote. "So maybe he will try to hire one as his new Chief of Staff now that the radical talk show host didn’t work out for him."

Radio talk show host Joyce Kaufman stepped down as West chief of staff today, a day after Broward County schools locked down schools, supposedly because of a comment made by Kaufman that triggered a threat.


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Jerkoff and the dems have no place making suggestions. As Joyce put it, now they will have to out up with her on the radio. Should have let he go and do her part in taking down West from the inside. Now she will just be a thorn in their side.

Leon McKinney

OPM is right, Eric Jerkoff and his fellow Democrooks are the criminals. West's incumbent Democrook opponent released West's Social Security Number - a federal felony which of course Big Liberal Media, such as the Tiiimmmmmmmes (said with Groton Lockjaw), just couldn't be BOTHERED to report on. Personally, though I vote Republican, I view the Republicans as The Stupid Party, but the Democrats are The Criminal Party domestically, and The Treason Party regarding foreign affairs.

Better than you

umm.. did yall ever see the mailer? If you actually look at it, it was a public record with a "case number" on it. The number wasnt broken up or anything. It was a 9 digit number that was on the form, and if his campaign hadnt blasted that it was his social, most wouldve seen it as a 9 digit case number. Now go put your tinfoil hats back on and relax.

Nanci Little

I thought that calling for the violent overthrow of our government was termed 'treason'. Today it is heard from the Teaparty people on a regular basis. I don't know what happened to patriotism in this country but it really only exists as ideology and party loyalty these days and goes no further than that!

Fake Allen West

I am considering Pastor Terry Jones as a replacement for my Chief of Staff.
Just as bigoted, Just as ignorant.
He should do just fine.

Allen West is RADICAL

What an idiot this guy is. He is a Republican radical puppet. He is not a Congressman. He will represent the radical GOP fringe.

He's got one term at best.

I hope the GOP has the courage to run a real candidate against him in a primary.

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