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Florida Republicans ticked off by airport screenings

First there was George LeMieux fuming at invasive pat-downs, now Orlando Republican John Mica -- who is likely to lead the House Transportation Committee -- is calling for a pat-down review.

Mica wrote to TSA Administrator John Pistole outlining concern that the "intrusive pat downs are being used in the primary screening process, rather than as secondary screening to resolve alarms or anomalies...

"While we understand the purpose of the recent changes in procedure, TSA has again missed the mark," Mica said. "Treating every passenger as a suspect or criminal is an inefficient use of scarce resources, and the agency needs to focus on those who truly pose a security threat."


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Twitter Fail

Intrusive pat downs? I've been groped by TSA for the past 10 years, because I have a metal implant in my body. The new procedure doesn't vary much from the old one. Everyone needs to get over themselves on this one. It's not a big deal.


The Obligatory TSA Body Search Blog Post



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