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Frederica Wilson, from family politics to Congress

A young Frederica Smith would sit under her family's dining room table, hidden by a white, crocheted tablecloth, and listen to her father talking politics, jotting down questions to ask him later.

That inquisitive girl, who wore hats and bows to school to emulate her Bahamian grandmother, would grow up to become Frederica Wilson, the newly elected Democratic congresswoman from Miami.

Elected in a landslide to replace Rep. Kendrick Meek, Wilson, 68, will bring to Congress her feisty spirit, diligent hard work and the delicate maneuvering skills she quickly learned as a lawmaker in Tallahassee.

"You run on your record -- you don't run on what you're going to be," a proud Wilson said. "I am a person who was able to walk into a Legislature that was dominated by Republicans and get more bills passed than some Republicans.'' Full story here.