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George LeMieux: I'd step aside but Marco wouldn't get seniority and Crist would get to make a second Senate appointment

Tea Party activists have suggested that George LeMieux step down early to give incoming Sen.-elect Marco Rubio a greater chance at the perks of Senate seniority -- choicer committee assignments, etc.

But LeMieux said Tuesday he looked at the idea -- "I would've stepped down if it had given him seniority" -- and is convinced it wouldn't give Marco a leg up -- and would give Gov. Charlie Crist the opportunity to appoint his second interim senator to the seat. (LeMieux was Crist's first interim -- to fill retired Mel Martinez's seat)

"The rules of our conference (are) that it doesn't give him seniority," LeMieux said. "And under Florida law, if I were to step down, he would not have become the senator, the governor would have had the opportunity to appoint an interim."

"I looked into and checked cause if I could've, I would've," LeMieux said. The Senate Republican Conference stopped giving seniority to members who arrive early, LeMieux said, to avoid an "arms race" of senators resigning early to give others a leg up.


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Jim Smithson

You can always tell when George is lying, his lips are moving.

Hmm Hmm Hmmm

Funny, no one has really looked into FL law. There is precedent. FL changed the law years ago to say that it was a TEMPORARY appointment until the election. Read the law. In fact, other states have the same law and they have made the temporary appointee step down. Our law differ from other laws that say the appointee is a replacement to fill out the term. Just read FS 100.161. Then, do a search for case law. You will see. Legally, Rubio is already the senator. And, the Senate rules won't apply because this is a different standard.

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