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GOP to have veto-proof majority in Legislature

Republicans in the Florida Senate have built a 28-12 majority while the GOP is expected to break 80 seats in the House. Both figures would give the party a veto-proof majority.

From a statement from Speaker-Designate Dean Cannon: "Their victories in key races tonight further solidify the Republican majority in the Florida Senate and are a true testament to Senator Haridopolos’ leadership, conviction and tireless work ethic. It is clear that Florida Republicans are looking for conservative leaders willing to make tough but principled choices."


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This is a sad day for Florida. A Medicare fraudster as governor and a bunch of scum bags in the legislature. :(


WTF is wrong with people.
These scumbags will fleece the working class in Florida for their rich buddies.

dave baldauff

well if you dont like the results yall can move to liberal land of cali or new york


Why don't you move back there I am from here.


I'm concerned for Florida Education. A lot of Tea Party conservatives are in favor of dismantling the public schools and moving to an all voucher system. It's looking likely that they'll have the opportunity. I hope they carefully consider the effects of such legislation before jeopardizing the futures of Florida's children.

Bryan D Taylor

It's actually kind of funny to hear all those on the Left saying it's a sad day because the Liberal Agenda has been thoroughly rejected by the People... not just in Florida, but across the nation.
The vast majority of people DO NOT BELIEVE in a Euro-style socialist America. We also don't believe you can SPEND your way out of being broke or that it's wise to spend more than you make.
It's only a sad day for those who believe these things. For the rest of us, we're happy to see that the nightmare has been averted. Now, those who are put into office are going to be expected to follow through with their promises... or be replaced just like the last batch of mis-Representatives were.


Cheers to the Sunshine State for standing up for freedom. I've now moved on to TX myself but we can all come together to sit back and watch with morbid amusement as the Stalinist dungpit of NY-- where I originally came from-- implodes under the weight of 6-figure public union parasites performing minimum wage "jobs" while ceaselessly driving away any and all productive people in its tireless quest to become the most powerful loser magnet on Earth.


After years of having to be concerned that some of the citizens in my community might climb out of poverty, I can now rest easier knowing that people like me will continue to succeed while those who are poor will finally remain where they belong. In the poor part of town.


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