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GOP wins FL's Hispanic vote in 2010

Overlooked in the avalanche of data from exit polls of the 2010 election in Florida: The Republican party -- which lost the Hispanic vote in 2008 -- got it back in 2010.

Republican Marco Rubio, who is Cuban-American, got 55 percent of the Hispanic vote in the U.S. Senate race, compared to no-party Charlie Crist with 23 percent and Democrat Kendrick Meek with 21 percent. Republican Rick Scott got 50 percent of the Hispanic vote in the governor's race, while Democrat Alex Sink got 48 percent.

Note that both Rubio and Scott dismissed as "amnesty" the 2006 legislation in Congress that would have allowed undocumented workers to earn citizenship. Rubio came out against the so-called "Dream Act,'' which would allow their kids to become citizens if they attend college or serve in the military, while Scott vowed to bring an Arizona-style crackdown on illegal immigration to Florida.

"No one can say that someone's position on immigration will cost them the Hispanic vote in Florida,'' said Carlos Curbelo, state director for Sen. George LeMieux and a supporter of the 2006 immigration reform. "Immigration is not a core issue for Florida Hispanics."

In fact, Rubio and Scott improved upon the GOP's appeal among Hispanics in recent elections. President Barack Obama won about 57 percent of the Hispanic vote in 2008. As a Republican, Crist split the Hispanic vote with Democrat Jim Davis in the 2006 governor's race.

Look for the GOP to try to build on its Hispanic appeal in Florida in 2012, when the fastest growing minority group will help decide whether or not Obama gets a second term. Hispanic Democrats currently outnumber Hispanic Republicans by more than 100,000 voters.


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The state Democratic party is directly responsible for this...


This is something we Democrats will have to analyze and figure out how to win back our natural allies. They will find that the Republicans, even Rubio, will not clear the way to equal opportunity or help them with jobs and education and health care -- everything they need to rise in this country, whether recent immigrants or many generations here. Just watch what the huge Republican majority in Tallahassee will do. Wall Street will love it. Main Street will suffer.

west coaster

The points out the difference between Florida and Pacific coast Hispanic voters. In California the Democrats got close to 75% of the Hispanic vote. This is partially because of the perceived anti-Hispanic positions of the Republican candidates for Senator and Governor, and the historic baggage that Republicans carry as a hangover of the anti-Hispanic Pete Wilson era.


150% agreed with west coaster.thank you thank you, thats something i fail to comprehend is how hispanics can vote republican. I realize that the other candidates did not seem appealing but keep the GOP democratic for the sake equality. when i see how votes republican, i figure that republicans stand for xenophobic values. AFRAID OF CHANGE


let the destruction of Marco Rubio by Democrats begin


Hispanic voters are naturally republicans. They are strong in their family values and strong defense, hard work and religious. Hispanics are everything democrats are not.

Luis Espinoza

I dont understand why Cubans still vote Republican? what do they see at the GOP?
One thing is for sure ,two years are going to past and nothing will be done to fix the economy with the GOP in power of the house but thats is not new.

Look at the numbers

Beth, you should have dug a little deeper. Rubio only got 1/3 of the Non-Cuban Hispanic vote. The GOP needs to work hard since the older/GOP friendly Cuban population dies off plus the 3rd generation Cuban Americans are leaning to the left & since Cubans make up the minority of the overall Hispanic population in Florida the dynamics are going to change.


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