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Guess who's meeting Marco Rubio in Israel?

Newly elected Sen. Marco Rubio and his wife, Jeanette, are meeting billionaire businessman/Jewish community leader/political pot-stirrer Norman Braman, his wife and her sister in Israel next week.

Braman was an early Rubio supporter and said they have talked about going to Israel together for years. He stressed that Rubio was paying his own way. It will be his first trip to Israel.

"I was hopeful that it would come about win or lose,'' Braman said. "Marco and Jeanette are religious people."

Braman is in the middle of a ferocious campaign to recall MIami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Alvarez, who, you may recall, endorsed Rubio's ex-rival Charlie Crist in the Senate race. Rubio's name was even bandied about in 2008 as a potential Alvarez challenger. Braman paid for a poll that showed Rubio and Alvarez in a tie.

The Rubio camp was mum on what it called a "private and personal visit to the Holy Land next week. There will be no official meetings or media interviews, and specific details of the trip will be kept private. Senator-elect Rubio is also working with pro-Israel supporters to make an official trip back to Israel early next year after he is sworn into office."


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George Fuller

Rubio blocked all immigration bills in 2008. At the time he said it was a Federal Responsibility.


Now let's see if he sponsors immigration legislation or turns into a Martinez clone in a couple of years pushing for amnesty.


Marco in 16!


I'm sure somebody will explain to me on this thread why a senator who hasn't even been sworn in yet is going to Israel.

linda l

Because he is a Catholic and wants to visit the Holy Land.
What is strange about it.

Dick Farrel

Rubio for the stimulous,then against it.
same for drilling, taking a trip that the Billionaire is OBVIOUSLY paying for, despite press annotations, nothing new....
He pushed thru funds for FIU then they gave him a no show no advertised job...
Watch this guy..he is NO CONSERVATIVE and like any lawyer...you know he is lying when his lips move

Dick Farrel

and George....watch for Marvelous Marco to
join Bob Menendez (D,NJ) in pushing thru the Dream act....again despite Marco's remonstrations about same

Ray Gordon

Why does Rubio have to go to Israel to swear his allegiance to a foreign country when he should be here helping Americans? Oh, I forgot, the rabid , wealthy Jewish lobby runs our government and they wanted to show Rubio whom he will be taking his orders from . No wonder our country is in the mess that it is in.

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Israel is a developed country and representative democracy with a parliamentary system and universal suffrage.

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@ George Fuller, you are wrong as usual. Support Israel and America! God bless you Marco!!!
RUBIO 2012!!!!


He went to get his libretto from the producers of The Greatest Show on Earth, just like all the other actors before and after him.

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