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Jockeying to replace Karen Thurman

There has been no official announcement for her stepping down, but well before the drubbing Democrats in Florida took last week Karen Thurman told a number of prominent Democrats that she expected to step down after this election cycle. So who's the likely replacement? A bunch of names are circulating

Bill Nelson's chief of staff, Pete Mitchell, has been working the phones to drum up support for Miami-Dade Chairman Richard Lydecker. Others in the mix include Palm Beach Democratic chairman Mark Siegel, state House minority leader Franklin Sands, and Hillsborough state committeeman Alan Clendenin.

There's some school of thought that in addition to fundraising ability, the party badly needs someone able to communicate well as the face of Democrats in Florida. Among those who fit that category (but would have to get themselves elected state committeeman or county chair)? Loranne Ausley, Dave Aronberg, Tallahassee commissioner Andrew Gillum, or former Miami-Dade Chairman and congressional candidate Joe Garcia.

Aronberg tells us he's not interested.