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Lou Dobbs gives Kaufman some air time

Lou Dobbs says he didn't see Kaufman's remarks on "ballots and guns" as particularly inflammatory, but perhaps not the best choice of words.

"There's a lot of hyperbole in what we do," Kaufman said. "People are not going to sit around and listen to us talk about gardening unless we're on NPR."

She told Dobbs her use of language "may go over the top," but that MSNBC "doctored up a videotape and ran it on an endless loop."

He sounded a bit floored by Kaufman likening House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to "garbage.

"I know Joyce you care deeply about the country, about Allen West and I know you've got to feel great pain that in any way the attack had to reach him," he said.


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Did Kaufman say that blood was dripping off Pelosi's teeth, people who disagree with her week KKK members 25 yrs ago, or that democrats want sick people to die quickly. Hmmmmm


I apologize for the typos.

Allen West is RADICAL

Congressional District FL-22 is an embarrassment to the entire country! Hahahahahah!!!

Good job electing a lunatic who has already embarrassed our country once, ending in his abrupt resignation from the Army. Brace yourselves for more and more embarrassing moments from this radical, violent, uber-macho, Allen West.

And hide your women too. He isn't exactly faithful.

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