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Marco Rubio, Bill Nelson to meet Monday

The two Florida senators -- as of January, anyway -- will meet bring and early Monday morning in Washington D.C.

Republican Senator-elect Marco Rubio and Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson are scheduled to meet at 8:30 a.m. for half an hour in Nelson's office. Expect the two to exchange niceties and talk about working together after the lame-duck session of Congress ends and new members, who will attend orientation next week, are sworn in early in the new year.


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Vigil Antes

The two Senator will work together for a better FLA.

Marco Rubio is future depending he does not change, will be non-stop. Well deserve, but if he stop representing the people or get entangle by Washington, then the drop will be harder that anyone

Albert John

Really this is very great news.


Vigil, use spellcheck or learn English please, I cant understand what you are trying to say.If you are that illiterate, why do you feel compelled to write in here like we should take your advice?


Just what great news is this? They are meeting and saying Hi. Rubio is the anti-liberal and Nelson is a tyrant liberal who ignores the will of the people, like when he was sperwing the lies about how Florida wanted the healthcare takeover by our incompetent gov't !
Funny, today USPS announced they LOST 8.5 BILLION tax dollars this year. And you ignorant liberals want them in charge of your Healthcare? This is Bill Nelson.

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