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Marco Rubio meets, escapes the press

The Florida senator-elect sought to escape a crush of reporters waiting for him outside Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's office today, offering just brief on-the-move remarks about fealty to office.

"All of us got elected to be responsible to the ideals that we ran on," he said. "We all have obligations to come up here and be held accountable. I think everybody understands that."

As he walked out of the office into the crush, Rubio's eyes widened and he laughed as reporters surged forward.

"I lost my guide," he said at one point in the scrum. His appearance stood in contrast with fellow Republican sen-elect Rand Paul of Kentucky who spent some time expounding on federal spending.

"Spending is out of control," Paul told reporters. "I think we need to obey rules up here. The line that I
repeated over and over again is that the public has decided that both sides are untrustworthy, Republicans and Democrats. To fulfill that trust to the public, what we need to do is obey rules...We need rules up here that say we will balance our budget. We won't spend."


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Marco Rucio is out of his league. He came from a state that still can't count votes. We finally got a seat belt law. We just raised our tax on cigarettes and allowed guns in our vehicles at work. No one will address cellphone use while driving. Medicaid and medicare scams are rambid in this state. Now the GOP are worried about over spending while they want to keep giving the rich tax breaks and the rest us too but they are not funded. That sounds likes they want more government spending. By the way Paul there was a surplus before Bush got in. Look the war has cost us.

Jess Wonderin'

Beg to differ there, Jac. Rubio will be running the Senate one day.


The headline should be "Let's make up something against Rubio."

The drive by media smear campaign against Rubio just started.

They can't stand a non-communist Hispanic.

O Really

What we have here is a future Speaker of the House in waiting and in ambition on the way to nominee for White House @ 2020. His drive is thinly veiled.

O Really

Oops, meant Senate Majority Leader as it is easier to run from the Senate for POTUS than it is from the House of Reps.Rubio was Florida's Speaker of the House.

you never went there

LOL, Jac
The Porkulus spending bill cost more than the entire war.


Rubio says he came to Washington with A JOB TO DO BUT THAT WAS the case also when he was sent to Tallahassee but he failed miserably on that mission. All he accomplished was securing funding for that $47 Million Dollar Taj Mahal Courthouse and doling out No-Bid Turnpike contracts to his Kendall Amigos, Marco is, as one poster pointed out, Way in over his head reletive to his skill level and ability. He also tried to get $60 Million $$$$$ to send to Miami for the White Elephant Ballpark. Marco Punquito soon will get his Ears pinned back in the Washington Big League.


why do we have to be so sinicals about
somobody just elected GIVE IT A BREAK

Charles Darwin

Escaping the press? More like getting away from underemployed English majors whose dads got them jobs as reporters.

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