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Rick Scott announces inaugural committee

Gov.-elect Rick Scott today formally announced the $25,000 contribution cap on donations and weekly contribution reporting on his web site, which we told you about earlier in the week.

Scott also selected an Inaugural Committee that will help read the money. Here's the list:

Doug & Lisa Anderson
Dr. Jose Armas & Dr. Ada Gonzalez Armas
Anna Carbonell
Albert & Diana Cardenas
Armando & Margarita Codina
Robert & Mendy Coker
Parker & Miles Collier
Michael & Jessica Corcoran
Dr. Akshay & Seema Desai
Dr. Danie & Cecilia Doseretz
Pepe & Lourdes Fanjul, Jr.
Jim France
Devron Gibbons
James W. Heavener
Wayne & Marti Huizenga
Fred & Autumn Karlinsk
Benny & Juliette Klepach
Frank & Patsy Kruppenbacher
Ned  & Cindy Lautenbach
Dr. Ken Lawson
Sylvester Lukis
Henry & Susanne Rodriguez
The Honorable John Rood
Gary Rutledge
Bo Rivard
The Honorable Mel & Betty Sembler
Robert & Carmen Stork


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so much for Scott being the outsider.
a lot of these folks are the same R scum that have screwed over taxpayers going back through their benefactor the Jebster.
Codina, Coker, Desai, Fanjul, Sembler, Huzienga all a bunch of greedy moneysuckers.
you idiots really did yourself in on this one didn't you?


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