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Rick Scott to meet with Florida lawmakers in DC

Rep. Cliff Stearns, the incoming chair of Florida's congressional delegation, will introduce Rick Scott to the rest of the delegation Wednesday at the Capitol.

"I look forward to welcoming Governor-elect Scott to the Capitol and introducing him to the delegation," said Stearns. "We share a common commitment to helping our state and serving the people we represent.  We will discuss our agenda with the Governor-elect and we will hear about his priorities and how we can assist him."

Scott is also slated to attend a summit with incoming House Speaker John Boehner.


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I too shall be in attendance.
In fact I have organized the Florida Delegation Function to celebrate the Grand Ole Party's successful November elections, and am happy to facilitate the introduction of such veritable scoundrels.
Just remember Scott you work for me.
And tell Boehner he can't have my Job.


Rick knows to sidestep all of our Congressmen so I propose we eliminate the entire House of Representatives and run the country with (just) the Senate. Nebraska runs their state with one chamber since 1930 without a problem, we can run the country with one chamber without a problem too. They call this form of government unicameral.

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