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Rick Scott votes in Naples: "I feel really good"

Rick Scott and his wife Ann dodged raindrops Tuesday morning as they cast their ballots at Precinct 477 at St. Ann's Catholic Church in Naples.

"This is a gaggle," Scott said as reporters and photographers encircled him outside the church.

"We're going to have a big day. I feel really good. We're going to have a big win tonight," Scott said. "Hopefully it will be early."

Scott said he woke up at 4:30 a.m. but fell back to sleep. He said he expects a strong turnout and a happy celebration at the Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina hotel, where the party is being moved outdoors to accommodate an anticipated large crowd.

Scott or Alex Sink will be the 45th governor in the state's history.

-- Steve Bousquet, Times/Herald


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scott i feel really good , i stole millions in med. care money paid a 1 bill. in fines still not in jail and ready to get over all these dumb fla. crakers.. !


The main point is that a criminal is going to buy this election. This criminal is dumb, incompetent, ignorant and yet is in bed with the top Republicans in the state who kiss his feet. Terrible people are taking away our freedom. We do not have a free election today. It is a shame. It is unlawful. It is a laughing stock for the world to see.


I'll bet Scott hasn't felt so good as the day his company paid $1.7 BIllion in fines for the Medicare misdeeds his comapny committed while he was at the helm. Or the day he plaed the 5th Amendment 75 times when questioned about his crimes. Scott's a real piece of work & hopefully the Voters don't buy what he's selling after spending a record $170 Million+ to buy the Florida Governorship.


I’m sure if Alex Sink had dumped $45M of her own money into the campaign she could have bought herself 30% of the vote too. This is a sad joke. I’m a Republican who is going to vote Democrat even though I can’t stand Obama, just so a criminal is not allowed to take over the state of Florida. This election represents everything that is wrong with politics today regardless of political affiliation.


Like Alex Sink Wasn't CFO of Bank America as they were screwing people over ... enough of the democrats they've done nothing but spend spend and spend, put a republican at least he wont spend 800Bil on a do-nothing stimulus.

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