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Steve MacNamara, the Legislature's top earner

More than 60 legislative staffers are pulling in six-figure salaries, but not everyone's getting paid $100k. Senate staff chief and general counsel Stephen MacNamara (on leave from his six-figure college prof job at FSU) is earning $174,008, making him the highest-paid staffer in the Legislature.

The leaders of the House and Senate say the high pay is necessary for such qualified staffers. But still, the hefty salaries stand out in a time when state workers could be facing layoffs and pay cuts.

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Yet all of them think run of the mill state employees are paid too much. Hypocrites!

Think value, not price

MacNamara is smarter and gets more done than ten average employees. He's a steal at that price.


He is not so much skilled as really good at kissing the right A-- and having the right friends. Meanwhile, the folks charged with helping working poor families navigate the state's overly complicated system for kid health care get fired. You voted Florida, get ready for lots of this hypocrisy. The rich insiders get richer, the poor pound salt.

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