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Tea Party wants George LeMieux to move out early;

From Sunshine News: "The  interim senator's term officially expires in January, but TEA Party Chairwoman Peg Dunmire says Florida would benefit if he took an early exit.

" 'With the current seniority system firmly in place, LeMieux's resignation would provide our new U.S. senator, Marco Rubio, a huge advantage by surpassing the other 12 freshmen who will take office when they are sworn in Jan. 3,' " said Dunmire..Among the seniority-based perks for Rubio could be choicer committee assignments and a higher ranking in the Senate pecking order.

LeMieux, through his staff, has said he intends to serve until Jan. 3." And the Tampa Tribune reported earlier this month that even if he left, the move would have zero effect on seniority because of Senate rules.

LeMieux -- who is widely believed to be prepping for a run against Bill Nelson -- earlier today tweeted his reaction to President Barack Obama's decision to freeze federal pay: "Pay freeze for federal employees good start. Now, adopt hiring freeze & cut all federal agencies by 10%. Half measures not enough."

Some of the freshmen have already been sworn in: Illinois Republican Sen. Mark Kirk -- who won election to President Barack Obama's former seat -- was sworn in today.


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Has already cut some deals in exchange for future Republican primary support.

He needs to do Florida right, by quitting early. That will give Florida more clout when R's take over the Senate in 2012.

So the question is whether Georgie is more interested in his own ambition, like his boss Charlie Crist, or more interested in Florida's citizens' future.

Quit early, Maestro, before you mess up your chance 2 years from now.


Quitting ?...isn't that politics as usual ?


this is so wrong....


By Florida law (F.S. 100.161) LeMieux's term ended on election night.

joe blow

Wonder how much Georgie will LOBBY the Senate between now and his next run for office?


No, RBFuller. Rubio was elected on November 2 for a new term in office, which starts January 3, 2011. Under the US Constitution and federal law, LeMieux's temporary appointed term in office lasts until January 3, and Rubio cannot "replace" him until then. The only Senators who got sworn in early were the ones finishing the unexpired terms of Senators who left early (Kirk for Obama and Burris, IL) or died (Machin for Byrd, WV). Rubio wasn't elected to fill the vacancy left by Martinez; he was elected to succeed him in the next term.

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