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DNC chief holds out hope for two Dem pick ups in Florida

Republicans are hoping to take several congressional seats in Florida -- along with control of the House -- but Democratic National Committee chair Tim Kaine said today he believes the party could pick up two seats in Florida.

"There's also seats we're going to win," Kaine said on MSNBC this morning. "I think we're going to pick up seats in Delaware, maybe up to two seats in Florida, Louisiana, Illinois."

He didn't name any names, but Democrats are hoping Joe Garcia bests David Rivera in Miami. And Democrats are hoping the appearance of a third party helps them in the seat being vacated by Adam Putnam -- who is running for ag commissioner. Democrat Lori Edwards and Republican Dennis Ross are running for the seat -- but some analysts say Polk County Commissioner Randy Wilkinson, a former Republican running as a third-party candidate under the official Florida Tea Party label could play spoiler.


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The Florida Democratic Party has even sent out mailers "warning" voters about how extreme Randy Wilkinson is (he supports the Constitution, wants smaller government, etc.) in an obvious ploy to make him seem more attractive to conservative voters. It's a dirty trick, but we're not biting.

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