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Video: Fearful of a turnout deficit, Sink spends Election Eve urging supporters to 'bring a friend'

The mantra during Democrat Alex Sink's final day of campaigning couldn't have been more consistent: "It's not time to celebrate yet.''

Those were the words Sink delivered to a cheering crowd of supporters in Ybor City, as more than 400 of her sign-waving fans, and the Democrat's full slate of candidates, appeared for an Election Eve rally on her home turf. Two hours later, they were headed for Orlando where former President Bill Clinton will rally with Sink, the gubernatorial candidate, and Democrat Kendrick Meek, the party's nominee for U.S. Senate.

"If you've already voted you're going to go get more of your friends to go out and vote,'' Sink told a packed room of supporters at her campaign's Sarasota headquarters. "That's what it's all about''

With polls showing a very tight race, Sink spent the day campaigning with the party's elders, U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson and former Sen. Bob Graham.


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Did she imply cops were racist at that rally or is it just her radio commercials she is doing that on?


tim michaels

Regret later. Cause now is the time to take back what???’s ours. I've lost weight over this whole thing. I had to sell my vacation home. My wife is onme all the time now that I've been home so much. Look I might be white but that doesn't mean I don't see what is really going on. Can you handle the truth. It ain't free speech, it isn't my 401k What it IS I don't like hearing all this stuff, and I'm just pee Oh'd cause I want to be able to turn on the TV and hear good things again. Like no more taxes. No more spending. I'm an early forced retiree and I want to see this country do the right thing. So, "the dmn rent is to high", And so is my insurance.

Vote Your Anger. Worry about what happens later.

Cause hey... The unknown needs a guide and with who we are electing with fresh ideas, and granted no real time experience. The worst that can happen is we get lost in rhetoric and my Wife will divorce me. So stop- Kvetching and Please vote your anger. Please... Pass this on. Etc.


The main point is that a criminal is going to buy this election. This criminal is dumb, incompetent, ignorant and yet is in bed with the top Republicans in the state who kiss his feet. Terrible people are taking away our freedom. We do not have a free election today. It is a shame. It is unlawful. It is a laughing stock for the world to see.

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A true friend is forever a friend.They are with friends -- the people with whom we often share our deepest thoughts.

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