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Welcome to Washington, Sen.-elect Rubio, Rep. elects Rivera, West and Wilson

Florida's senator-to-be Marco Rubio starts his Washington career today with some amazingly high expectations: "No Republican in memory has come to Washington with such fanfare," cries Politico. Today's Washington Post ranks him at No. 10 among 2012 Republican presidential hopefuls. That's just two places behind Mike Huckabee, whom Rubio backed in the 2008 primary. (Mitt Romney ranks as No. 1)

The Rubio fanfare begins with an 8:30 a.m. with a meeting with his fellow Florida senator, Democrat Bill Nelson. The two will meet at Nelson's Senate office. Then there's a mid morning photo op with Republican leader Mitch McConnell who is meeting with all GOP senators-elect.

Also in town for this week's orientation meetings in the House: Rep.-elect David Rivera, who appeared last night on Al Punto with Jorge Ramos; Frederica Wilson, whose penchant for wearing hats has led to speculation of a confrontation with the House's no-headgear on the floor ban; and Rep.elect Allen West, whose pick last week of a controversial radio talk show host as his chief of staff ended in controversy.


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Allen West is RADICAL

Allen West will embarrass not only FL-22, but all of Florida and, quite likely, the United States. Watch and see.


Ha, I hope Frederica can't wear her stupid hats. Then she might actually have to do something to get attention instead of just looking like a complete fool.

Both West and Rivera will embarrass Florida...they are both way too radical. Unfortunately Rivera will keep his seat as long as he wants, but West will certainly be a target in 2 years and there should be a Democrat that can beat him...I think Jeremy Ring should run. He has the money and is a very hard worker who would be a much better representative of FL-22.

Allen West is RADICAL

Ring is probably the right call. I'd love to see a moderate republican challenge West too.

Kari Froslan

What about Sandy Adams? Or are you under the impression that women don't count unless their wear hats?

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