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West declares victory

Republican Allen West has declared victory over Democrat U.S. Rep. Ron Klein. West won Broward but several Palm Beach precincts have yet to be counted though he leads comfortably there too.

After asking a child to lead the room in the Pledge of Allegiance, West gave a rousing speech that was interrupted at times by cheers of "USA USA!"

"This shows the triumph of the American people,'' West said.

West vowed to work for the people -- not himself -- and said he wouldn't seek to become a "career politician".

"I'm not going to Washington D.C. to seek to be a ruling class elitist," he said.

Klein didn't concede, but his daughter cried when he thanked everyone for their years of support

-Nirvi Shah


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Reporter: So you just won the election what are you going to do now?
West: The first thing I'm going to do is round up all the Muslims in South Florida and put them in internment camps.

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