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West is Florida's first black GOP Congressman in more than century

Allen West is Florida's first black GOP Congressman since Josiah Thomas Walls, a former slave who served in Congress in the 1870s.

West didn't mention his race much during the campaign in the Broward/Palm Beach Congressional district 22 where less than 5 percent of the voters are black.

"The most important thing is to be a good Congressman,'' said West, who added that he is happy to be Florida's first black Republican member of Congress since Reconstruction.

West's said his first priority will be to improve the economy -- he favors a flat tax on personal income, reducing the corporate tax rate and extending all of the Bush tax cuts.

West was far ahead in a district that voted for President Barack Obama just two years ago.

"The rhetoric of hope and change has run out,'' said West.

When asked what he expected his relationship would be like with Obama he said: "I don't know. You have to ask the President."


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Daniel Ruosd

He didn't comment on race because it's not the color of your skin but the content of your character that matters. It is it so hard to believe that MLK's words are as ingrained in our fabric as Patrick Henry's "Give me liberty or give me death!"?


Interesting....a man who was FORCED to resign his commission because of possible war crimes is elected to represent the people!! Someone PLEASE explain!!


An explanation isn't necessary. There are few, like you, who object to him doing his job in the military. In 2003, West was charged by the military after threatening to kill and firing a handgun near the head of Iraqi police officer while interrogating him about attacks on U.S. forces in the area. But the investigation resulted in no court martial. Some troops are singled out to be scapegoats for the Generals who aren't in combat situations. He was one. War crimes, bah , what do you know? Were you in Iraq, Korea, WWII, anyplace that allows you to judge?

T. Walton

Just because the Army is mismanaged, doesn't mean a great man like this shouldn't represent the PEOPLE!

Barb Hartwell

I heard he holds town meetings and will not let anyone ask questions, going so far as to have a fill in radio host for Randi Roades. Nicole was arrested for asking about Medicare. She was called a heckler. I thought town meetings were for discussing issues. What is our country coming to, when we are not able to ask pertinent questions of our elected officials. She spent several hours in jail she said she was mistreated,and after she posted bail she still had to remain in jail, in solitary confinement, and she was maced.

Bobby Lynas

Why don't the liberals come and and call him a Biggot because hate is all you have to motivate your voters. It is what you have used for generations now and just look at the people, that have followed the inefficient leader. The solvency of America is the #1 issue in American, without it, all programs will leave. This is the economic truth. Thank you Congressman West for telling the truth to a people who have been in denial for decades, with no solutions other than following the Liberals straight to Hell's Way.


Mr West is the biggest bigot to call Obama should get out of the country and go back to Africa. Real smart Mr West when you are in the south when black men weren't allowed in public. Dont your remember Mr West that blacks had to eat in the back of a restuarant, the back of the bus or segregated drinking fountains. Since your such the biggest Black bigot Mr West why dont you go back to Alabama and shut the hell up.

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