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Following an nontraditional pick, Allen West goes with a DC insider as new chief of staff

Following the kerfuffle over the hiring -- and departure -- of talk radio show host Joyce Kaufman as his chief of staff, incoming Rep. Allen West has gone with a congressional veteran.

West announced today he's hired Jonathan Blyth, who has worked for more than 20 years in the legislative and executive branches, including serving chief of staff for Republican Reps. Bob Barr of Georgia and Bill Martini of New Jersey. Blyth was also a presidential appointee for President George W. Bush in two federal agencies.

"I understand the challenges that lie ahead for the American people and our country and have gone through great lengths to establish an experienced staff to help me represent the people of the 22nd District of Florida," West said.

Josh Grodin, West's campaign manager, was named deputy chief of staff\legislative director. Grodin has worked for various campaigns and political organizations including Vets for Freedom. Grodin was appointed by President George W. Bush to the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy in 2005 where he served as a Legislative Analyst in the Office of Legislative Affairs.  

Other hires after the jump.

Communications Director: Angela Sachitano, who most recently was a reporter for the NBC affiliate in West in West Palm Beach. 

Legislative Correspondent: Taryn Dorfman, who was deputy field director for West's campaign. She previously worked as a traveling educational leadership consultant for the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority.


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None of West's senior staff is from Southeast Florida including West himself, great Representation.

West is Crazy

West's staff sure seems like a bunch of Right Wing insiders, for a candidate who said he would buck the system.
A liar and a creep.

Allen West is RADICAL

Allen West = Political Scandal Waiting To Happen

Glenn Meyers

Congressman West knows what he's doing. Let's all give our newly elected officials a chance. If we continue to play party politics, our country will continue to go down the tubes. STOP THE NAME CALLING and get on board with a new Washington, D.C.! "If we do not hang together, we will surely all hang seperately". Ben Franklin...Our founding fathers had it right. Let's build on what those giants believed and BE AMERICANS AGAIN>>>>


Guess you guys just did not dig far enough, reprinting press releases is lazy work.

After Joyce Kaufman debacle, Rep.-elect Allen West hires controversial ex-WPTV reporter Angela Sachitano

Florida Sunshine

Why doesn't everyone stop complaining and name calling and get positive and work together for our country like Congressman West will be doing for us!

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