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Anti-ObamaCare amendment fast tracking through Senate

Senate President Mike Haridopolos' resurrected proposal to stop/check/protest President Obama's health care overhaul (specifically the so-called "individual mandate" that people purchase insurance) sailed through the Health Regulation Committee and looks like it'll be the first bill to pass the Legislature this year. The lone nay votes: The two Democrats (Eleanor Sobel and Jeremy Ring) on the Republican-heavy committee.

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Good work, guys. We got to stop Obamacare NOW!


The one thing missing from all these health care and Mediciad discussions is how to get 4 million people in Florida access to health care! Your pay for it every day! These guys are more determined to spend millions of your tax dollars in a lawsuit fighting hundreds of years of established law (supremacy clause) to score points at the ballot box. Why don't the Tea Party folks care that they are getting hosed on health care costs because the Republican Party is really only looking out for big insurance while diverting attention with all of this faux constitutional outrage? These guys are taking all of you for a ride. I hope you enjoy the trip.


And what's missing from g's point is the part of the Constitution that allows the federal government to FORCE someone to buy something or be punished for it. Because there IS nothing that allows you to do that, that's why! That's why we need this amendment. Period.


thomas, that's because these liberals don't get that the Constitution is SUPPOSED to limit government, not let the government do whatever it wants. They can't prove it's constitutional? Then Haridopolos is right...it's got to GO!

Tom Jackson

glad to see some republicans with some backbone coming back with this after those liberal judges struck it down. we elected these guys to stop Obamacare, and i'm glad they're getting the message...

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