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Dave Bitner milks opponents' ePoll for a laugh

So Joe Gruters and Debbie Cox-Roush are 1 and 2 in an ePoll for RPOF chair, eh?

Here comes Dave Bitner with a survey of his own: Should he get rid of the mooing cows featured on his cellphone voicemail? It's a question any Republican state committeeman from Jefferson has to consider at least once in his life.

From Bitner:

While some candidates for RPOF Chair seem intent on popularity contests, the cow poll is about as far as our campaign will take this trend. Instead, I am focused on meeting one-on-one with grassroots Republicans, listening to your thoughts, and communicating my ideas. I believe in the power of social media to achieve results. But using it for a popularity contest? Nah 

Should Dave change his voicemail message so you can’t hear the cow mooing in the background? If you’...ve never heard the voicemail, call Dave at (850) 509-6000 and listen.

 1: Yes, change the voicemail message. The cow is silly.

2: No, keep the voicemail message. I love the cow.



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Al Swanson, Bay Co. GOP

Dave for Chairman! He's the only one running who is from a rural county and understands the needs of Republicans in rural areas.

Bruce P.

^ well, that's one vote from an actual committee member.

Merry Ann Frisby

I know Dave Bitner, I too am from Jefferson County. He is a sharp cookie,experienced and very committed.He is close enough to Tallahassee to know what is going on, but far away to not be too influenced by the craziness. I think he is the best person for the job.

Never heard the mooing on his cell phone, but I have seen the real cows at his farm moo. Does that count?


I find it repulsive that you ate publishing his cell phone number. You could have redacted that and still posted this absurd post.

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