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David Rivera picks a chief of staff with Miami roots, DC experience

Incoming Rep. David Rivera is picking a chief of staff with deep ties to Capitol Hill -- and Miami.

Steve Vermillion, a former chief of staff to retiring Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart, will run the office, sources say. Vermillion lived in Miami in the 1960s -- (his father was a 35 year veteran of the CIA) -- and is fluent in Spanish. And like Rivera and Rivera's Democratic rival, Joe Garcia, Vermillion once worked for the Cuban American National Foundation -- as director of congressional affairs in the late 1980s.

Vermillion attended the University of Miami's Graduate School of International Studies and was chief of staff to Diaz-Balart when the Miami Republican came to Washington in 1993. He's also worked as a military/national security advisor to former Judiciary Chairman Rep. James Sensenbrenner and as communications director to former appropriations committee chair Rep. Bob Livingston. He has most recently worked as a lobbyist for ObjectVideo, a company that makes video surveillance software. Rivera once reported working as a consultant for the company on his financial disclosure forms that were called into the question during the campaign.


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Same old same old. and a lobbyist to boot! and here I thought these guys wanted change. Nah...


why not hire a veteran. Vermillion has 17 years of federal service, familiarity with Miami, Capitol Hill experience, and a Naval War College graduate. who better to get a new Member of Congress ready to serve the people!


Someone who knows the Hill intimately, has a strong family history of working for a Free Cuba and can help Rep. Rivera hit the ground running! Sounds like an excellent choice.


Exactly the kind of guy we need in Washington: someone with all the experience to know how to get things done on the Hill but roots in Florida. This guy lived in Florida, went to school in Florida, has a masters in international studies, a post-graduate degree in national security studies and knows all the ins and outs of Congress. Sounds perfect to me. Go get 'em.


Staff choices can be difficult. It shows a steady hand and clear leadership for Congressman Elect Rivera to pass over obvious but inexperienced campaign aides for someone who clearly has the age, experience and know how to take him to the next level.

Steve is a great choice the district and office will run smoothly under his steady hand.

Great job!


he's a mercenary for the CIA-front CANF and was part of US interventions in El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Guatemala.

col. kurtz

steve has been there for 11 months and Rivera has survived so far. any wonder why.

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