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Feds slap Republican Party with subpoena in corruption probe

Federal investigators slapped the Republican Party with a subpoena seeking financial records as part of a wide-ranging corruption probe by the FBI, IRS and U.S. Attorney's Office, the Herald/Times has learned.

The subpoena, delivered Election Day, sought documents related to big spending by top Republican honchos who were given party-paid American Express cards.

Top RPOF officials and investigators declined comment on the federal probe or the subpoena.

For more than a year, the party has reeled from scandals tied to the credit cards as well as four unrelated state criminal probes into its former chairman, a fundraiser, a former Florida House speaker and a Capitol insider.

Federal investigators have already interviewed consultants, donors and numerous senators -- some in their Capitol offices. The investigations are being handled in multiple offices throughout the state, from Pensacola to Miami.

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Jim Smithson

Cannon will be the first one to go.
Good riddance.


OK, It's Come To Jesus Time In The RPOF



It keeps coming

Are there any republicans with ethics in Florida? But then again, the voters of Florida don't seem to have a problem with it and keep electing them. I say Florida should rename itself...."Banana Republic"

RPOF is Evil

Thanks a lot, maybe this could have been done before November so so many of these ethically challenged crooks would not have been elected so sweepingly to power.

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