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Florida gains 2 new congressional seats in 2010 census, boosting its clout

Florida just picked up 2 new seats in the U.S. House making it the biggest swing prize in the presidential election.

The new seats give Florida equal standing with New York; and only California and Texas will have more electoral college votes -- though neither state is considered up for grabs like Florida.

The boost is expected to help Republicans -- who already control 2/3 of the seats in the state -- but some say privately the party may have a tough time carving out two new seats without jeopardizing incumbents. Early projections had estimated as many as two seats for Florida -- despite a housing slump. The estimates didn't take into account for overseas U.S. military personnel and their families.

The bureau in February will release population and race breakdowns down to the neighborhood level for states to begin redrawing the congressional boundaries.


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Paul A Cajka

The increase in population makes for more changes in the State House & Senate, too. Along with the Soros driven Amendments for districts, the location of registered voters will be important.
Florida needs a strong and motivated Republican Party leader to take full advantage of the two new Congressional seats and the shifting of other legislative districts. Joe Gruters is the man for the job. The RPOF needs to elect Joe as its next Chairman to lead the GOP toward 2012.


This is good news, we all must be aware that the Puerto Rican population has exploded in Florida. Two reasons for that 1) The number of Puerto Ricans moving to Florida to help the island of Puerto Rico domestic trade, and 2) a large number of stolen Puerto Ricans birth certificates and sold to illegal. A real problem that we Puerto Ricans have to confront daily as many of us are have to make great sacrifices to get our new birth certificate.

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