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Florida Immigration Advocacy Center: Stop Haiti deportations

The Miami-based group is calling on the administration to halt all deportations to Haiti, citing instability after the earthquake, the cholera outbreak and election-related violence.

"Both Haiti and its government are on the verge of total collapse," the center says. "Conditions are so dire that on Thursday the U.S. State Department issued a warning against any travel to Haiti."

But the center says U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has begun to detain, and has said it will begin to deport, Haitians who have completed criminal sentences in the United States. It said roughly 100 detained Haitians in South Florida were transferred Tuesday to rural Louisiana, "ensuring that the detainees will not have access to their families or attorneys before they are deported to an unsafe and unstable Haiti."

"Removing individuals to Haiti under these circumstances is unconscionable", said FIAC executive director Cheryl Little


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George Fuller

The USA has had to intervene in Haiti for over the last 100 years.....

It is a cesspool of crime, corruption, anarchy and
chaos........it is a country in name only...


Key phrase here might be "criminals." If immigration advocates are so concerned about the deportation of Haitians after they are released from jail, then let them take them into their own homes. We sure as heck don't need them roaming the streets. How about a little common sense for a change?

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