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Frederica Wilson and Debbie Wasserman Schultz, roomies again

The two bunked together in Tallahassee and now Wilson is moving into the Capitol Hill "Congressional Sorority House" where Wasserman Schultz and several other congresswomen live in Washington.

Politics Daily notes that Wilson, who shared a rented four-bedroom home in Tallahassee with Wasserman Schultz, "has taken the one-bedroom basement apartment just vacated by a non-congressional couple.

The House owner "has unlocked the downstairs door leading to the rest of the house 'so Frederica can come upstairs and join us whenever she wants, for the popcorn fests or strategy sessions or crying on each others' shoulders.'

"The first Member Mom with grandchildren, Wilson couldn't be happier. 'Debbie is a lot of fun, and smart and will be a good mentor for me, someone I can vent with, because there will be a lot of venting, someone I can laugh with and cry with.' "