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Gary Siplin introduces "Merry Christmas" legislation

Just in time for the holidays, state Sen. Gary Siplin, a Democrat from Orlando, filed legislation yesterday that would make "Merry Christmas" Florida's official greeting on Dec. 25. Of course, as it's just a resolution, there are no penalties associated with using "Happy holidays and seasons greetings," as CFO Alex Sink did in a holiday message she tweeted and e-mailed today. Senate President Mike Haridopolos and Gov.-elect Rick Scott, both Republicans, went with Merry Christmas in their messages, indicating there may be bipartisan support for Siplin's proposal during the session.

Here's the complete text of Sipln's resolution:

WHEREAS, Christmas, a holiday of great significance to most Americans and many other cultures and nationalities, is celebrated annually by Christians throughout the United States and the world, and
WHEREAS, on December 25 of each calendar year, American Christians observe Christmas, the holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, and
WHEREAS, popular modern customs of the holiday include gift-giving, music, the exchange of greeting cards, a special meal, church celebrations, and the display of Christmas trees, lights, and nativity scenes, and
WHEREAS, many Christians and non-Christians throughout the United States and the rest of the world celebrate Christmas as a time to cherish and serve others, NOW, THEREFORE,
Be It Resolved by the Senate of the State of Florida:
That “Merry Christmas” is recognized as the State of Florida’s official greeting for December 25.


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Normally I would say there are far more important issues to address during the legislative session, but since this should take no more than three minutes I see no reason to oppose such a resolution. Good Job.


Those who get all out of whack just because some people are sensitive enough to acknowledge that there is more than one religious holiday during this time of year are just utter buffoons.
I say Happy Holidays as a means of acknowledging all holidays during this time of year, New Years included.
Christians who are intent on injecting their religion into others lives do not do their flocks any favors.
It is actually quite a turnoff.
Practice what Jesus preached, which was tolerance and love.
Not snide abjection at those who are different than you.


This is ridiculous. More pandering by Siplin to the far right so he can draw good seats for members of the Black Caucus.

Happy Holidays to all!

in the know

What happened to separation of church and state?


Go MR. Siplin, GO! Do what is right not what the world wants! God is behing u on this one.


Gary also introduced "REAM ACT FOR FLORIDIANS LITE" that would give illegal aliens in state tuition.

I guess that is his Christmas Gift to them.

Doreen Chamberlain

There is always someone who has to waste the people of Florida time and money. Talk about frivolous. Perhaps I would not mind so much if Christmas was celebrated closed to the birth of Christ and not six or seven months later.

west coaster

Why just December 25? Every day should have an officially-approved greeting!

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