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Dream Act passes House, stalls in Senate; George LeMieux says he's still opposed

Short of votes to push along the Dream Act, Senate Democrats are delaying a showdown vote on the measure -- and voted this morning to table the measure. They'll try to move the House version that passed last night after the Senate votes on extending the Bush-era tax cuts -- a priority for GOP'ers in the Senate.

Despite a lobbying effort among young activists, Florida Republican George LeMieux said he's still opposed: "I am very sympathetic to the young people who entered our country illegally by no fault of their own, but I cannot support consideration of the DREAM Act without addressing border security. I recently visited the US-Mexico border in Arizona and witnessed the progress toward securing the border. Fully funding and replicating our security successes across the border would allow us to address the DREAM act. However, we are still far from achieving a level of border security that is acceptable to me or to the American people."

Lincoln Diaz-Balart, a prime sponsor of the legislation, had been scheduled to be on a conference call today to press for passage but didn't make it. The call featured conservatives urging the Senate to pass the bill.


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Estevan Garcia

Lincoln, Ileana and Mario. Are not conservatives
when they did not hear the American people on this issue.


US CITIZENS have got to be diligent in calling our reps and email those reps who are OUTSIDE of our resident states...

The US with rising DEFICITS cannot contineue to support the Citizens of Mexico.

Carlos Slim world's wealthiest man is from mexico...he should go down there give his money to donate.

All US cities that are sanctuaries for ILLEGALS, should be required to pay the tab.

California has paid it...illegals have bankrupted it...calif has more dems FOR ILLEGALS...and no doubt illegals vote in those elections...well the trough is going to run dry soon in caifornia.

There should never be any kind of blanket anmesty ever again.

The first step should be securing border, Deport all non english speaking illegals and those with additional crimes. No anchor babies. Make it a law you must provide proof of birth in the US. I am a US citizen and my birth certificate shows my birth date and my mother and father's birth dates AlL of us born in the USA. That's how it should be.

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