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Gruters leads Cox-Roush in ePoll of RPOF chair race

Don’t ask for poll results. You might get them. That’s a lesson for Deborah Cox-Roush supporters who Facebooked an unscientific, online polldaddy survey re: the Republican Party of Florida chair race.

A day later, and Joe Gruters is crushing the competition. Chances are, most of these ballots aren’t being web-cast by many of the 274 Republican committee voters. The results so far:

Gruters: 251, (80 percent)
Cox-Roush: 43, (14 percent)
Dave Bitner (Jefferson committeeman): 9, (3 percent)
DiMatteo (Pinellas committeeman): 5, (2 percent)
Sid Dinerstein (Palm Beach chair): 4, (1 percent)



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Let's Go Joe!


Listen to Joe in his own words in this YouTube video. Go to 5:37 & here Joe say what all Republicans in the RPOF are waiting to hear, “I think we have to have full, open, transparency with all our members.”


After hearing him there is no doubt why Joe is the top candidate to bring the RPOF back to its core principles.


Dr. Ron Hummel

Jos IS the "Person" for the job! A long time supporter, and dedicated Republican, we need this type of individual to lead our party!

Tad MacKie

Joe Gruters should be the no-brainer choice for the RPOF Chair. A steady hand at the wheel, a clear, sure vision, great organizational and peopls skills and a solid moral compass... The RPOF needs Joe Gruters!

David Kesselring

I was at a recent meeting at which there was an election of the board. I overheard one lady saying "look what change got us", referring to Obama. Don't let progressives pervert yet one more thing that is actually good. Don't forget the change that took place in 1776. Change can be good, and if there is one thing that needs change, it is the Republican Party of Florida. I'm hoping that Mr. Gruters will work on cleaning up this mess when elected state chairman.


My hopes are that he will be the new Chairman for the state, about the issue that he will be like Greer and Charlie? My suspicion is , the Florida Party will be watching more closely the relation between the governor and the state party Chair. My hope is that he stays grounded and will not be tarnish by some sleek politicians and he will serve God, Country and Family.


That was not done by Cox-Roush supporters. Try and get your facts straight first before spreading lies.

Paul A Cajka

Joe Gruters is THE leader that the RPOF needs. Period.

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