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Haridopolos does the U.S. Senate fundraise circuit in NY

When Florida Senate President Mike Haridopolos yesterday said he was "looking into" running for U.S. Senate, it was an understatement. We hear he's in New York preparing to hit the big boys up for big bucks in preparation for a run.

A fundraising machine with a knack for squeezing six-figure checks from special interests, Haridopolos has doubled-down as of late. Donors, lobbyists and Capitol folks say he's working hard in the state, federal and financial capitols to start gobbling up whatever excess cash might otherwise go to Mr. "I'm a Charlie Crist Republican," Sen. George LeMieux.


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Mr. "I'm a Charlie Crist Republican," Sen. George LeMieux?

Ha. He's toast.


He better be, Goblin. LeMieux and Charlie need a PERMANENT vacation from politics for being spineless RINOs for so many years!


I guess Rush and Glenn has given you FauxNewsers another "moderate" Republican to send to the woodshed for no good reason. Lemiuex is many things, but just because he's not a Reich Wing nutjob like you all doesn't mean he's not a conservative.


Taking Charlie Crist to the woodshed seemed to work pretty well for us, Rodney. They say Charlie felt LeMieux was like a brother to him. Well, we took care of Sonny last month, Fredo sold out his loved ones to save his own skin, but in the end he still gets taken down in the second movie. Again, George is toast.

Tom Jackson

Does that make Jim Greer Johnny Fontane? Don't forget that Charlie and Georgie made that clown into a star.


i was gonna say luca brasi, but greer really is Fontane. horny, lounge singer, terrible with people, got by because he was best buds with the guys in charge. yeah, Christ and Lemieux really did a number on us conservatives, huh?

joe blow

wonder if the New Yorkers know Mikey Hari"dope"olous was recently hit with a bunch of ethics violations for not reporting income and a $400K house for FIVE years in a row on his financial disclosure forms.
Mikey said: "Since I'm a corrupt Repiglican I'm too dumb to know how to properly fill out a financial disclosure form even though I'm supposed to be a professor at UF".
sad thing is, idiot and ignorant FloriDUH voters will probably elect this shyster!

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