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Haridopolos wants three fact-finding hearings on immigration reform

Senate President Mike Haridopolos said Tuesday that while immigration reform will be a "high profile" issue next legislative session, the bill proposed by Sen. Mike Bennett and modeled after the Arizona immigration plan will be only one of "many bills that we file on immigration."

Rather than accept any single proposal, Haridopolos said the Senate plans to conduct at least three hearings on the issue with the Senate Judiciary Committee chaired by Miami Republican Anitere Flores.

"I want to do it in a very detached unemotional way if possible,'' he said. "I really believe as an academic, and as a person who tries to get to the facts, [we need] to have a very dispassionate debate about a very passionate issue -- and that's where both sides can tell their story unmolested." 

The goal, he said, is to have facts "on the table and all the hyperbole will hopefully be moved off." He said that  "Floridians want us to address this issue and people want to know the facts because they hear the usual clamor around these cable TV shows."


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Tom Jackson

Too bad Washington isn't doing what Hairdopolous is doing. Then they would know they're putting the cart before the horse on the DREAM Act and need to get back to securing the border first. Not to mention stop suing states that want to try dealing with immigration in their own way!


One of the biggest problems with Arizona's law is that it was passed without much discussion, and they were later forced to correct it after some embarassing provisions were found. If taking this route leads us to a law where we can prevent such headaches, we may be thanking Flores and Haridopolos and Bennett for it down the road.


Bingo, Jeff. Obama and his lackeys Holder and Napolitano are too busy suing Arizona and fighting for amnesty to actually do something about illegals. Good to see that we got some conservatives down here who want to pick up the slack.

George Fuller

Haridopolos has made this comment before.....the question is who gets to participate?

I guess the Rule of Law is not enough to convince an educator illegal is illegal!

George Fuller

Rep. Harrell and Senator Hays are sponsoring twin bills that will do more to solve our illegal immigration problem than any other proposal.

It is called the Florida Citizens Employment Protection Act and it ensures all new hires will be legal workers by mandating businesses to use e-verify..

Money earned here will stay here....

When illegals can't find employment they will self-deport. AZ put the law into effect in 2008 and 1/3rd of the illegal alien population in AZ self deported.

Our results should be 300K or more self-deporting dramatically reducing the $4 Billion it costs now to educate, medicate and incarcerate them...


Has there been any talk regarding Adam Hasner running for Senate? I’ve heard talk regarding him thinking about it, and when I logged in to Facebook I got this link today. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Miami-Dade-for-Adam-Hasner-2012/165635680149736?v=wall

Does anyone have any info regarding if he is running? I’ll admit, Hasner is a very very exciting candidate. He is a republican, and a supporter of green energy, and for the past few years has been on the forefront of the fight for better education as well as education reform.

Im very excited, and I think everyone should look into Adam!

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