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Mario Diaz-Balart lands appropriations committee spot

Mario Diaz-Balart landed a spot on the House Appropriations Committee -- a gig that at one time meant pork for back home.

But Diaz-Balart says that "during this time out-of-control government spending" he's been chosen to "help rein in government spending and waste.

"The committee will be confronted with some complicated decisions if we are to avoid a fate similar to Ireland or Greece," the Miami Republican said. "I plan to work with my colleagues to right our fiscal
budget, come up with creative ways to prioritize our funding and assure the tax-payers that their tax dollars are well-spent."


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George Fuller

I hope he can do a better job there than the city where is from that has the lowest income per capita in the USA.....

George Fuller

Hey, here is an idea Mario.......eliminate Radio Marti and cancel the Cuban Adjustment Act.....

That is definitely wasted taxpayer money....

joe blow

another corrupt Repiglican crook on approps committee.
taxpayers: hide your wallets and purses. here comes the communist Mario and his band of Repiglican thieves!
it's the reverse Robinhood. steal from the poor and middle class and give to the billionaires and corporations.
Fidel would be proud Mario!

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