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Poll: Bill Nelson in good shape for releection? As long as Jeb doesn't run

From Public Policy Polling, a Dem-leaning North Carolina firm: "Last week we found that Sherrod Brown had a 40/37 approval rating and was in deep trouble for reelection. This week we found that Bill
Nelson has a 36/33 approval rating.

"You would expect with such similar numbers to Brown, Nelson would be in big trouble as well. But the Florida Senate numbers we'll release tomorrow show that Nelson isn't in nearly as much danger as Brown, so long as Jeb Bush doesn't run against him. The difference between Brown's standing and Nelson's is an
example of the fact that not all approval numbers are created equal- even if they are virtually identical."

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Nelson gets 20% of Repubs against Lemeiux. talk about weak.


Just more proof that it's gonna take an actual conservative to take care of Nelson. George LeCrist doesn't have a chance.

Big D

I will Crush Jeb Bush.
He never had to run an election with social media and full throttled comments in the papers.
Bush should keep his day job as a Lobbyist behind the scenes. THAT IS WHAT HE IS NOW, A LOBBYIST.

joe blow

Jebster Bush?
Is he still hiding behind his Foundation for Florida's Destruction?
Jebbie is waiting for the stench of brother W to blow over before it's safe to come out.
Jeb, Floriduh voters may be the dumbest in the nation but they can't be dumb enough to vote for you can they????
God help us!

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