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Rick Scott calls on lawmakers to expand school voucher program

ST. PETERSBURG — Florida Gov.-elect Rick Scott told a cheering crowd of 900 voucher students today that he wants to continue expanding the program that allows them to attend private school at public expense and suggested the option should be available to all students.

Private-school vouchers in Florida are now limited to low-income students and those with disabilities.

"We have a great opportunity this spring, in this (legislative) session, to make sure we pass an education bill that is 100 percent for the benefit of the kids, and give every child in the state every opportunity that you've had, to make sure that you go to whatever school you want to," Scott said at the Suncoast Cathedral during an event recognizing corporations that have supported vouchers known as tax-credit scholarships.

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Scott is a Crook

Lets gut the Public education system even more so that rich parents can be subsidized for their Private education.
The Public Education system benefits the whole of society, not just those who use it.
This makes Florida and our Country weaker and unable to compete in the global marketplace.
Poor education funding leads to higher drop out rates, more crime, less attractiveness to industry and a lower GDP.


You wanted it, you got it. First education,then woman's right to choose. Let's hear it for four years of your rights going bye-bye. Separation of church and state - yea right. Woman's right to choose - see ya. Just go down the list...

"Go to whatever school you want to" You've got to be kidding. How does that work? It can't. If every child wanted to go to the best school, how would the school accommodate them?

You want to go to private school? You should be willing to pay extra.

down goes public education

Private elementary and secondary schools are not licensed, approved, accredited or regulated by the Department of Education.
Florida's private schools issue independent school diplomas that do not require approval from the state of Florida....
Florida private schools establish their own system of school accountability, grading, reporting, and evaluating and are not included in the state's measurement of public schools.
Private elementary and secondary schools are structured as private corporations, churches or private businesses that only report directory information and the enrollment of compulsory attendance aged students to the Department of Education.
Private schools are not subject to school definitions and requirements specified in education statutes and they are not under the jurisdiction of the Department of Education.


Public school teachers get paid terribly, and private school teachers get paid worse! Good luck finding decent private school teachers, Mr. Scott. (not that you care)


Parents are more interested in the education and welfare of their children than the government is. They do not seek out worse conditions for them than government schools. The government spends more on each student than most private schools do, yet private schools are preferred. Taxpayers would would save money if all schools were privatized. To build up to the need, we could start with partial tuition vouchers.

joe blow

what did you idiots who voted for Slick Rick thing he was gonna do?
I mean the guy did steal almost 2 bill in medicare money?
They don't call it FLORIDUUHHH for nothing!


I like it! I'd much rather have my son in a good christian school rather then the liberal public schools. They have them singing ridiculous kwanza songs, but you cant even mention Christmas. Liberals are homegrown terrorists! Good for running soup kitchens NOT government.

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