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Rick Scott meets with the president

Rick Scott ran a major campaign against President Barack Obama's health care plan -- but Scott says he didn't discuss it with the president when the two met Thursday as part of the administration's briefing for new chief executives.

"We talked more about (Medicaid) block grants, and how much flexibility there will be," Scott said, emerging from Blair House, the building near the White House where former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush frequently stayed on his trips to DC. "The president doesn't have any interest in repealing it, so no benefit in talking about it."

Scott said the meeting was helpful: "People know that we've got a lot of problems in the country and we've got to work together to solve them," he said.


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I would think he would want to talk about it to show Obama why he thinks it should be repealed. If people think the system is not flawed my friends girlfriend lost her healthcare for being in the hospital to many times this year, something she can't control. Now her medicine costs $100 per prescription instead of $5. The law is flawed, but better than nothing.

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Good post. I am also going to write a blog post about this...I enjoyed reading your post and I like your take on the issue. Thanks.

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