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Rick Scott: Oil drilling is great! Obama ain't!

What a difference an election makes.

On the campaign trail, Gov. Elect Rick Scott was pretty circumspect about offshore oil drilling when he was asked about it in the Panhandle, which overwhelmingly voted for the Republican. Now that he's about to be safely ensconced in the governor's mansion, though, Scott today issued a statement that dropped all that campaign-trail talk about drilling in "environmentally sound way and adhering to the strictest of safety standards."

For Scott, offshore drilling is a two-fer issue: a chance at energy independence (even though offshore Gulf oil is nowhere near Mid East production capacity) and its another opportunity to bash President Obama for being a job killer. While enviros and coastal chamber-of-commerce types would disagree with that sentiment, it's certainly true that offshore oil drilling was a job creator for some Floridians hired to clean beaches after the Macondo blowout.

Anyway, here's Scott's statement:

“The Obama Administration's offshore drilling ban is yet another example of government regulation impeding economic growth.  Florida is committed to pursuing energy independence, which is essential to national security. With sound policies in place, we could expand domestic drilling and eliminate our reliance on foreign oil.   Furthermore, I am disappointed that the White House has chosen to unilaterally impose a policy that threatens job creation and economic growth in Florida without consulting our office.”


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George Fuller

Scott has it right.......the people who fight oil drilling are trying to drive the price up so high you will abondon your car for public transportation.......then they will have you where they want you...


Yeah...who cares about our environment...lets just forget about clean water and air, sea life....as long as we get our oil right now, cheaply....that's all that matters. Same goes for land use and permitting regulations....we don't need all those rules ...its just stupid government workers and their bureacuracy. Its all about me, me, me and the almighty dollar! Oversight get out of the way...and don't forget we are too big to fail! Lets get to work.


Greed must be too young to remember what our waters were like all over the nation during the late 60's and 70's. Lakes caught on fire, rivers smelled of raw sewage. Now trout swim in the lakes and rivers. We have some of the cleanest waters in the industrialized world.

If we have the resources then we should use them. Greed seems to believe that man is on the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to rights. Guess that makes Greed, greedy.

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I remember the last time there was a "Wikileaks," and it very much like this time.

Now, as then, I encountered very strong but differing opinions/perceptions about it. Some/many people explicitly support "Wikileaks" and regard it/Julian Assange as good, and others explicitly condemn it/him -but I've yet to see anyone clearly identify much less defend their reasoning. This seems strange to me, and almost makes me suspicious. What exactly is the issue here? For disclosure, I'm undecided on the issue -because I simply do not know enough to know if Wikileaks is good or bad. I'm aware that JA is accused of a sexual crime in Europe. I will say that as someone who values truth and honesty, I have at least a little suspicion and/or skepticism of advocacy of GOVERNMENT secrecy (although I understand it it necessary at least sometime). What exactly is going on with WikiLeaks and why exactly is it wrong or right? And HOW is this information being obtained? It confuses me that I hear people harshly condemning it and saying "this person should be tried for treason and executed, etc."IF a serious law has been broken, I'd expect it to be cited and used as the basis for advocating the pursuit of formal charges.Was the information leaked acquired by consent (shared/sold by those who controlled it) or stolen? I haven't seen this clearly established anywhere, which seems weird as it is clearly a significant consideration. If anyone can clarify this, I'd be grateful, thanks. I'm also VERY curious why I've yet to hear it clearly identified.

Chad Salinero

I live in Key west and welcome the ban on oil drilling from the obama administration. Although we did not get any oil here we did suffer the affects in our tourism which affects everyone here. Just remember the tourist dollars spent at a bar, hotel, guest house or resturaunt ends up being spent at the grocery store, gas station, kmart etc. If the dollars are not here the businesses close and the real estate gets worse. But the biggest thing is our environment is NOT renewable. So when these needless accidents happen due to corporate cost cutting we suffer but most importantly mother earth suffers. This is comming from a non tree hugger. Rick Scott knew to only speak his true view after the election. Another example that our politicians are not changing or improving. Everyone downs Obama and yes he is a bit too busy on the media circuit but he is the only one who said he would fight for change and improvement. Are his ideas perfect? No! but he is trying, which is more that i can say for republicans like Scott.

Scott is a Crook

I'm not just a Crook but an F'ng Scumbag to Boot.


C'mon - where are all the loudmouths who trumpeted how much good Scott was going to do for Florida as Governor? OH, I forget, all those posters live in other places and only "get to work" during elections.


Rick Scott is a thief and a crook. Why in the heck we have so many dummies in Florida that voted him in is beyond my comprehention. What were you people thinking?? I am a Florida Native. I think it was only for an Obama backlash because of his race. Yes I am a white woman and am so ashamed the people in my beloved Florida b voted for this scum. I will move out of Florida if it gets that bad with him in power. wow I am still amazed how stupid people are. No wonder they win. It is all based on fear and they should be fearful with the type of personalities they have and psyche. Selfish aNd self serving only. Stay off our beaches. I live on the Atlantic Ocean. We have enough problems as it is.

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