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Schools shake-up in store

When Florida Gov.-elect Rick Scott stood in a church this week and dropped a policy bomb on the state's education establishment — a plan to essentially give vouchers to any family that wants one — 900 voucher kids in the audience cheered. But from Tampa Bay to Tallahassee, apocalyptic thoughts began raining on traditional public education advocates.

Vouchers for everybody?

Not even Jeb Bush went that far.

Story here. And more on what's next here.


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joe blow

poor Tricky Ricky!
He's too dumb and too arrogant to know he'll get slapped down by the Florida Supreme Court.
He thought since he beat the medicare fraud rap he can do as he pleases but that won't be the case.
The taxpayers will lose being forced to pay millions in lawyers fees for this failed experiement.
Scott, Jeb and Levesque should be required to pay out of pocket once they lose!


A survey we conducted found that parents using vouchers in Florida were more likely to receive promised services in their current private school than they were in their former public school. They also reported a higher degree of general satisfaction with their child’s academic achievement.

George Fuller

Anyone who thinks unions should be educating kids is not in touch.....they protect teachers...not kids

Tenure?.........name another profession where if you put in two or 3 years you can't be fired?

Tell me another profession that works about 180 days a year vs a normal work schedule of 240 minus holidays?

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