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Scott making hires, but won't release salary info

Incoming Gov. Rick Scott has hired much of the staff in the governor's office, two agency heads this week and another today.

But taxpayers can't find out how much Scott's new administration is getting paid, because no one seems to know.

The transition team will say nothing on the record other than there are no public records regarding new salaries.

But the story coming from inside the transition team to explain this is a bit mixed. Some sources say details of the salaries are still being negotiated. (How bad is the economy when people are taking jobs without knowing their salary?) Others says the transition team doesn't want to release salary information because they're in negotiations with other potential hires.


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First you were complaining because they have made no hires. Now you are complaining that you do not know their salaries. Maybe if you were not so determined to find fault you could wait a little while like the rest of us. I do not see you screaming at Atwater, Putnam, or Bondi on how much they are paying.

Science Teacher

BM - it's all about "Let's get to work" and TRANSPARENCY. Remember the ads?

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