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Senate Dem chief goes after George LeMieux on the Dream Act -- in Espanol

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's Hispanic media spokesman, José Dante Parra, is accusing George LeMieux -- a target of Dream Act activists -- with coming up with different reasons for voting against the measure.

"It is unfortunate that Sen. Lemieux continues to move the goal posts on a bill as critical as the DREAM Act," Parra said in an e-mail. "He has raised concerns throughout the past months on border security and procedure around the DREAM Act, and all of those concerns have been addressed."

LeMieux told the Herald earlier this week that he wouldn't vote for the legislation to give immigrant students here illegally a chance to stay in the country until more was done to secure the border.

"Now, Sen. Lemieux has signed a letter released by Republican leadership vowing to block all legislation in the Senate including DREAM, unless we first give tax cuts to the rich," Parra said. Our overstretched military cannot wait any longer to have access to quality recruits who want to defend their country. Our economy cannot afford to lose the talent of students who would spur economic growth with their work and by paying taxes. We hope Sen. Lemieux will consider the benefits to our country and support this bill based on its merits, not the obstruction of his leadership."


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George Fuller

An old talking point for politicians is: "We need to secure the border"......

What isn't said is 40% or more of the illegals in the country come legally and don't leave.

Until you control the legals who become illegal there is no "border security."


That's really thinking out of the box. Tkhans!

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