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Staffing complete -- for Agriculture Commissioner-Elect Adam Putnam

Agriculture Commissioner-elect Adam Putnam will hire back all but about 15 of the 150 staff members he asked to resign from the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, said Putnam spokesman Trey McCarley.

Putnam will make the announcement official on Tuesday in a press release, McCarley said. Most of the senior administration staff of retiring Agriculture Commissioner Charlie Bronson will be the ones who don't return, McCarley said, as Putnam brings in his own administrative team. Several of those people, however, were surprised at the abrupt nature of the resignation request. They were told to leave their jobs immediately in mid-November and use their leave time if they wanted to draw a pay check until the end of the year.

The list of those who have been re-hired by Putnam includes most of the division directors and their staff, McCarley said. With most of the staffing decisions done, Putnam will now focus on his swearing in and "getting to work on Jan. 5,'' McCarley said.